Sunday, 7 November 2010


Ever heard of a game called Qix? (pronounced Kicks)
Not many have, admittedly I hadn't heard of it till about a year back
when I played it, I recognised it instantly though. Like Bubble Bobble, it's a gaming formula that has had many spinoffs and clones, because it's so addictive.
Basically you're a small character (usually a square) who draws straight lines across the screen to claim area, sounds easy right? But there's a line darting back and forth bouncing off the edges like your DVD logo when on standby, if it touches an incomplete line that's trailing behind you or if it touches you yourself, you die.
As you can probably imagine it gets hard. Especially when you've claimed most of the area and it's easier for 'Qix to get you since he/she/it doesn't have to travel so far anymore.
Throw in 2, 3, 4 little spaceship things that travel around the perimeter of the space you've claimed that ALSO kill you when they touch you, and you've got a hard but addictive game.

The game later had a few sequels Qix II - Tournament, Super Qix and Twin Qix.
My favourites of all the sequels was Volfied (also known as Ultimate Qix)

Volfied was a kickass sequel that made everything I loved about Qix even better,
it added, huge boss characters instead of Qix, and each boss owned little minions that you also had to trap
It was a much harder game but so satisfying when you finally beat that boss you been stuck on for ages.
It also feature block that you could capture and gain bonuses from, for instance you could stop time, or shoot lasers when you travel both of them are very useful
This will most likely happen to you alot
Wrapping things up, Qix and Volfied (or whatever version you are playing)
Is great for a quick play, it can get very frustrating but also very addictive
It may not be for everyone but in my eyes, Qix is very enjoyable

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