Monday, 8 November 2010

Hidden Gems - Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon's Doki Doki Adventure

I'd be surprised if you'd played this game before, I'd be surprised if you've even heard of it.
Due to the fact that Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon's Doki Doki Adventure was never released outside of Japan.

The reason I got to play it was because of it's release on Wii's Virtual Console.

One look at the game and you may think this game is for children, while it's true that this game has got a child-like look to it, but I'd love to see a 6 year old beat this game.
The games gorgeous visuals, happy creatures and cheerful backgrounds all disguise how devilishly hard this game can get, at first the game is simple, if a little too easy, then my god does the frustration kick in..
Now don't get me wrong, I love the game to pieces but it's easy to become angered at it.

However, if anything the frustration compels you to keep going in this game, that and the aforementioned cheeriness of the game.
The story, which I am assuming since I cannot read japanese, seems to start off with Milon and his friend playing in the woods when a dark force captures his fairy friend and takes her away, now it's Milon's job to rescue her.

The gameplay is fairly simple too, it's a straight forwards platformer where you have to blow bubbles at enemies and then walk into the bubbles to get rid of them, either that or you can jump on an enemy to turn it into a temporary platform, though this will not kill it.
At his strongest Milon has 3 hit points recognised by the colour tunic he is wearing,
(Green -3   Blue -2   Red -1)
You can pick up spare tunics which will give you a hit point for everyone you find, you can also pick up musical notes which serve no other function but to give you a life when you get 100 of them
(there is no point system in the game)

As I said before, when you first lay eyes on this game and it's levels you will love it.....or be sick from all the cuteness. Seriously though, every level has been well worked on, even the little touches add to the charm, in one level a towere of wine glasses fill up, overflowing into one another, it really is a cool thing to see

The music in the levels really adds to the excitement too, for instance in the first world there is a really calm woodsy track playing in the background, but 3 levels into that world, there's a section where the wind is blowing tremendously, enemies are flying across the screen at you and the music is real dramatic and very fitting, in other worlds there are always 'Haunted house' levels which all have the same song but it's really fun to listen to, the kind of song you'd hear at a spooky amusement park or something similar to that.

At the end of each world there is a boss to fight too, first one being a giant woodman
(similar to that guy from Tekken)
and others consisting of, Fairytale Women to Giant Snowmen, it really is great stuff seeing the ultra inventive and original touches they've added to the bosses
Believe it or not this is a boss, hit her and she'll turn ugly, literally!

Wrapping things up, Milon's Doki Doki Adventure, is a great game
and very visually appealing, I love this game to bits... but I've yet to complete it!


  1. Nice blog, I just bought DoRiMe for the wii's 'virtual console' We are enjoying it a lot so far...

    .. it seems you may have lost interest in your blog but please don't... keep it up.


    1. Mel, I've only just seen this post cause as you've guessed I'd forgotten about my blog entirely, The thing is, I did carry on my blogging for awhile under a different site as I'd forgotten the details to this one

      I havent posted in over a year but it has a few new bits on it, I hope to pick up posting again if I have time,

      Thanks for posting and I hope you get this