Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hidden Gems - Rocket: Robot on Wheels

I'm going to review games that not many people have played, 
'Hidden Gems' 'Unsung Heroes' whatever you want to call them.
I'm going to start off this series with a game I hadn't even heard of until a week ago!

Rocket: Robot on Wheels is an N64 game published by Ubisoft in 1999, it follows the story of a robot called Rocket, around an amusement park called Whoopie World.
The story goes: The day before the grand opening of the new amusement park 'Whoopie World', 
The creator of the park, Dr.Gavin, leaves Rocket (a robot created by him) and the two mascots
(Whoopie, a large purple walrus and his sidekick Jojo, a Raccoon) to look after the park while he's gone.
The problem is, Jojo is sick of being just a sidekick to Whoopie and so he steals the tokens and tickets to the park and hides himself within the park, shutting down most of the areas, or worlds in the park.
It's Rocket's job to collect Tickets (which unlock new worlds) and Tokens (which buy new powerups) and defeat Jojo before Dr.Gavin returns.

This criminally ignored game has it all, a great soundtrack, brilliant control, very clever puzzles and lots of collectables (if you find that stuff fun)
There is A LOT to do in the huge game! Staring things off, you have 7 massive worlds in the game that are all located within a large Hub-World, you don't even realise how big the worlds truly are at first, it's only after you complete certain tasks that unlock a door to go to an even BIGGER place than the location you were at before that you stop and say 'Woah, I've got alot of work to do!' There are even sub worlds!
In each of those seven worlds there 12 Tickets (similar to Stars in Mario 64),
200 Tokens and about 7 machine parts to collect
The machine parts, once all have been collected will unlock yet another section to the world which usually leads you to a Ticket.
Within each world there is a vehicle that you can plug yourself into and drive about the world. (7 in total)
These include, A dolphin-bot, A hot-dog car and a Paint-spitting cannon.
Each of these is as fun as the next, though it's pretty hard to controll the Hot-dog car IMO.

A subworld in the first world

Like games that make you feel smart? Same here, The second world in Rocket involves painting things
they give no instruction what-so-ever so you have to use a bit of common sense, I'm not going to spoil anything for those of you who plan to play this game but there's a bit involving pools of paint and a guard, that was probably one of my favourite parts of the game.

I could go on about this game for ages as it's such a wonderful game, the graphics aren't as good as, say Banjo-Kazooie (another game I shall be reviewing soon) but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have as much charm!
The only bad things I have to say about this game are related to the camera and the level in the sky... (god I hated that one..)
The camera can be VERY frustrating so someone who isn't used to it,
it catches in corridors (just like in Mario) but the annoying thing is, if you press Left on the C-Pad twice it will keep switching between places and I find it very irritating.
Other than those, there is nothing, in my opinion, that take the fun out of this game at all.
Rocket: Robot on Wheels did not get the attention it deserved and it's such a shame.

I totally reccommend this game to ANYONE (Y)

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